The Best Cover Band In Sacramento



Private Parties & Events

If you need a band for your private party or public concert series, The Tone Monkeys are a family-friendly party band. We know how to keep a crowd entertained.

Night Clubs & Bars

Local bars and clubs know the dance floor gets plenty of use when The Tone Monkeys show up. Everybody sings along with our songs and we have ways to keep them dancing.

Weddings & Birthdays

Make your special birthday party or wedding reception more memorable by throwing a party full of monkeys! The Tone Monkeys always dress to make just the right impression.

Opera House Saloon in Roseville

Farewell and Thank You

The Tone Monkeys Are Done

We are so sorry to leave this band, but other matters demand the attention of several members right now, so we really had no choice. In order to deliver a quality product = The Best Cover Band in Sacramento, we must dedicate a good amount of free time to be as polished as we can for every performance. As professionals, we will not participate in a band that does not fulfill it’s promise to be the best they can.

Several of us felt we could be sharper, but we really couldn’t find the extra time. It’s not fair to the fans or the other members of the band, so we regrettably disbanded.

Thank You

We could not have asked for a better bunch of fans. Sure, there were a lot of family and friends among them, but we always managed to make new friends at each show as our fanbase grew. So many great times, Tommy dancing on the bar at the Opera House Saloon, Steve’s crazy drum head with the monkey drinking wine at our winery gigs….so many stories.

We also had an awful lot of great clients that hired us to play at their loved ones’ birthday parties, weddings, corporate events or just plain private parties. The people that hired us were absolutely professional in every way and treated us like royalty, to them we owe great debt of gratitude. We performed at a corporate party in Monterey, and they loved us so much, they had us come back the next year for their event in Las Vegas!!

It Ain’t Over, ‘Til It’s Over

We are all great friends. Every member of this band loves every other member of this band. We have already had an impromptu reunion gig (The Banana Freezes Over tour) in Ritch’s back yard. If and when the time allows, I’m sure we’ll share a stage again. Don’t count us out just yet.

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