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Who Says We Are The Best Sacramento Cover Band?

Club Owners

Local night club owners love our fans – the crowd is vast and lively and everybody is there for one thing…to have a fun time. Even the bouncers comment on  how much we get the crowd rockin’ without incident.

Audience Members

We are an interactive band, so we love to get the audience involved in the fun. Tommy Palmer, our lead vocalist, loves to leave the stage and get the crowd singing along with him whenever we play.

Event Coordinators

Putting on a corporate event, wedding, or special birthday party is a stressful job. We make the music the easiest part of the project because we show up on time and ready to perform. We pride ourselves in our professionalism.

Cover Band Reviews & Testimonials

Below, you will find some testimonials from real live people that have seen The Tone Monkeys perform all around Sacramento.  

I saw The Tone Monkeys last night at Strikes in Rocklin and let me say, I was totally impressed! Hands down the best cover band I’ve seen. Their website says they cover some songs better than the original artist, and I don’t disagree.

They interacted with the crowd, which I thought was really fun. If I ever were to get married (again), I would hire them for my reception. If you know me, you know this is the highest compliment ever.

Anyway, they don’t disappoint. A fun band with a great list of songs!

– Katie S.

You have a wonderful group of followers. I like everyone in the band. The sound was great and I heard nothing but compliments. You and your followers are nice people. The type of people that I want in my club. Please let me know when you would like to return.

– Richard R. (local club owner)

What a fantastic show at Sammy’s in Roseville, tonight. You guys kept everybody dancing on the floor all night long. The second set was KILLER with the Prince medley! That was off the hook, crazy good! I’m a FAN!! Absolutely BITCHEN show!!

Can’t wait for the next show

– John T.

Hands down, this is the BEST cover band anywhere, not just Sacramento! It says a lot when I start following a cover band, but I am keeping track of these guys after seeing them play in Roseville. We had a great time dancing and singing along, some of us even got to sing into the microphone when the singer was running around the club (which was basically all night long)

Thanks for the great time, you Tone Monkeys, we’ll see you again soon!!

– Chris M.

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