The Best Cover Band In Sacramento
About The Band

Comprised of seasoned musicians from various Sacramento Cover Bands, The Tone Monkeys are an all-star cover band revue, here to entertain you at your corporate event, private party, festival, wedding reception, or night club.


Meet The Tone Monkeys

We are very proud of our reputation of providing a fun energy and positive atmosphere at clubs around the Sacramento area. Our live performances continue to earn us rave reviews at every venue and private event, and you can tell we enjoy what we do.

Our song list is vast and eclectic, and sure to please any crowd. We will tailor the song list of your event for your demographic and we are willing to learn special requests, given enough time to learn them.

If you want your party to be a huge success, the entertainment really does make a difference. Hire the best. Hire The Tone Monkeys. Everyone will have a great time and you won’t go bananas (sorry, couldn’t resist).

What Our Clients Say

You have a wonderful group of followers. I like everyone in the band. The sound was great and I heard nothing but compliments. You and your followers are nice people. The type of people that I want in my club. Please let me know when you would like to return.
Richard R., Local Club Owner
Hands down, this is the BEST cover band anywhere, not just Sacramento! It says a lot when I start following a cover band, but I am keeping track of these guys after seeing them play in Roseville. We had a great time dancing and singing along, some of us even got to sing into the microphone when the singer was running around the club (which was basically all night long)

Thanks for the great time, you Tone Monkeys, we’ll see you again soon!!

Chris M., Official Monkey Mobster
What a fantastic show at Sammy’s in Roseville, tonight. You guys kept everybody dancing on the floor all night long. The second set was KILLER with the Prince medley! That was off the hook, crazy good! I’m a FAN!! Absolutely BITCHEN show!! Can’t wait for the next show
John T., Official Monkey Mobster
The Band Members
Read about your favorite monkey

Lead Vocals, Guitar, Percussion

Tommy Palmer

The vocalicious Tommy Palmer will get any crowd singing along with him as he prowls the dance floor with his wireless microphone and a setlist that simply can’t be ignored.

Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals

Dante Mutti

Dante knows all the riffs – every trademark signature line from every popular cover song is on display. Air guitarists everywhere love rocking out with Dante during his ‘extended’ solos.

Bass, Ukulele, Backing Vocals

Ritch Schefke

Ritch is the guy that holds down the rhythm for the rest of the monkeys. He’s the monkey backbone that drives this band.

Drums & Percussion

Steve Cain

Known as “The Professor” among his fellow monkeys, Steve is the technical genius behind the music. If his gigantic drum set doesn’t impress you, his playing will.

Keyboards, Backing Vocals

Bill Glaholt

Bill provides the extra shimmer of horn parts, sound effects, and other signature sounds from your favorite songs. That’s not all though, as he is an accomplished backup vocalist on many of our songs.

Public Events, Wineries & Festivals

If you need a band for your private party or public concert series, The Tone Monkeys are a family-friendly party band. We know how to keep a crowd entertained.

Nightclubs, Bars & Restaurants

Local bars and clubs know the dance floor gets plenty of use when The Tone Monkeys show up. Everybody sings along with our songs and we have ways to keep them dancing.

Wedding Reception Entertainment

Make your wedding reception more memorable by throwing a party full of monkeys! The Tone Monkeys always dress to impress and make just the right impression.

Private Parties & Corporate Events

The Tone Monkeys are consummate professionals at corporate events, tradeshows, and private parties. Count on The Tone Monkeys to make your birthday party a huge success and a great time.

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